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Welcome to IPersonalFinances

If you are checking out this site already, you are here before my official launch. Thank you for your curiosity and interest. I hope you come back over the next couple weeks and months, as new material including articles, podcasts, and videos will be added continuously. In the meantime, please pardon my dust from the construction of a new website. In particular, stick around and check out my blog which will have new articles weekly.

Purpose of IPersonalFinances

With the world going through one of the worst economic situation ever, the common response to avoid the pain and fear being felt is to find ways to earn more money. However, when we fight over money, there are really no winners as all the money goes into defending your possessions instead of pursuing what you really want, peace and happiness.

When you struggle financially, the key is to own your financial fear and other barriers such as shame and guilt that get in your way of abundance in order to dissipate them to realize what you really have and who you really are. In trying to figure out who you are, you usually compare yourself to others in your neighborhood or to CEOs, than to prior generations, and thus feel lacking as there are others who are always doing better. If you compare the struggles of today compared to your grandparent’s generations, especially those who went through the Great Depression, you will find that the two don’t compare. Prior generations persevered by knowing who they were and that they could overcome anything, which included two World Wars.

You don’t need to go to war to learn this level of strength; you just need to realize it from within you not in money. This site will help you do that by taking charge of your personal finances, allowing time to enjoy life to be at peace without the fear of losing the money that brought you fleeting moments of peace.

The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only.  We make no guarantees regarding the accuracy, completeness, or applicability of any material presented on this website.  This website is not a substitute for individual financial or counseling advice.  You should seek the advice of a professional regarding your particular situation.  My Financial Awareness is not responsible for any losses, damages or claims that may result from your financial decisions.

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