How to be at Peace with Money

Everyone wants to have more peace in their lives when it comes to money. Many try to make investments, cut spending, earn more money, etc. in pursuit to be at more peace, thinking that money will peace. Yet, as I discussed in Stressed about money or debt?, money will not bring peace. If we think that peace can come from a source outside ourselves, then we will need to constantly worry that another source can take it away as well (e.g., greedy corporations, scam artists, etc.). If money brings peace, then we will focus on keeping our money which will create stress and worry if the money vanishes so will our peace, happiness and joy. Peace of mind actually comes from within by looking at our beliefs. It is our beliefs that cause our thoughts and emotions. Thus if we have beliefs of lack around money, that is what we will see and feel.So what are beliefs that can make us feel stress and worry? The answer is how you Look at life. For example,

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