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Plans for My Financial Awareness

In talking with a friend the other day, he got me to thinking in what I want to do with my blog. In launching my website, I just wanted to share a few ideas with who ever wanted to listen. During this time, my readership has increased from 800 unique visitors in June (the first month after launch) to 2,500 last month. Still small compared to others, yet I was happy with 800 unique visitors, so I am delighted with the growth this year.

When I first started, I was going to write about both sides of personal finance:

  • The financial side by looking at specific ways to do a budget or retirement planning
  • The personal side by explaining the effect our emotions, thoughts ad beliefs on our finances

In writing, I have tended to have put more emphasis on the personal side of things. I have thought about putting some more emphasis on the financial side, yet when there are other bloggers dealing with these issues, I have tended to avoid being repetitive and have written on topics mainly when I thought I had something to add or had a different view on the issue.

So where do I go in 2007. I thought I would start a 12 month series looking at different aspects of personal finance. In looking at why people do not stick with their new year’s resolutions of finances, some resistance usually came up of feeling that personal finances is too hard. People have said that they have never learned personal finance in school; thus how am I ever supposed to figure it out now. Thus, they may try for a few months (like a new exercise program or diet) and then give up when it gets too hard. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write about the very basics of some topics, including (as a proposed schedule):

  • January: Resistance/Motivation
  • February: Budget
  • March: Net Worth
  • April: Debt Reduction
  • May: Emergency Fund
  • June: Retirement Planning
  • July: Investing
  • August: Insurance
  • September: Education Planning
  • October: Tithing/Giving

This way a person can learn about personal finance, one step at a time by concentrating on one topic a month (to avoid the burnout of doing it all at once). I know that I have left off taxes, wills/trusts and other topics for now. I am debating over which of the remaining topics to add and will look at it later in the year. For those that want a quick start now, you can always visit my educational series or advance topics on my main website.

Due to a wealth of information out there already on how to do a budget or set up an emergency fund, I will try to summarize some of the best sites that provide an education on these topics. To help out, if you have a favorite site that explains the basics or are a blogger and have good articles that I can link to, please e-mail me (at and I will sift through the information and link to what I feel provides the best education (which is clearly subjective of course).

For each month, I will write a few articles outlining some basic education from different sites. In addition, I will add my perspective on how to integrate it into your life with my unique flair of how your thoughts, beliefs and emotions may influence how you see that particular aspect of your finances. I hope you enjoy the series.

I have also added feedburner to my website to make subscribing to it easier. Thus, if you like to consolidate your favorite blogs into a reader please feel free to add mine to your list.

Lastly, you may have noticed my new tag line. I have changed it from “For Abundant and Prosperous Living” to “Personal Side of Personal Finance”. I did it because some people were getting confused about my philosophy. When I would write about investing topics, I would have questions about if I could teach them how to make millions so that they can retire at 55. I am not here to do that because I feel that it is a more appropriate goal to find enjoyment around your life/work and to look at your beliefs and thoughts about money then the money will follow rather than chase after money to find enjoyment because many times enjoyment does not follow.

Thank you to all my readers all for a successful 2006 and here is to an even better 2007. If you have suggestions or ideas, feel free to e-mail them to me (at